Agni Yoga Studio

Designed by Kellie Gunderman,

101 B Hatcher Lane  |  Clarksville, TN 37043  |  (931) 553-0079

About Our Instructors
About Our Studio

Agni Yoga Studio offers Vinyasa Yoga and Flow Yoga as well as workshops, teaching apprenticeships and events relating to yoga.  Agni Yoga features well trained and certified profcessional teachers, dynamic teaching methods, non-competitive, supporting and thriving environment for students, and a warm and homey space to practice in.


We are a non-heated studio focusing on vinyasa and flow.  We also offer couple restorative and yin classes, a connected warrior class and opportunities for teens and families.

Visit our classes page for more information about our classes and our class schedule!


Imagine yourself in a safe place.


Nurtured and supported by those around you.

The body is your temple.

Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside it.

-B.K.S. lyengar